Seated for Restaurants

A Restaurant's Most Effective

Demand Generator

Seated helps top restaurants in 14 cities attract and
retain thehighest quality patrons.


Best of the best. Every restaurant is vetted and must meet rigorous scoring metrics. Seated restaurants are some of the top names in hospitality.


Targeted exposure. Users choose from the app's curated list that customizes and adapts to their preferences.


No assembly required. First-time patrons earn rewards after their meal, nothing changes about their in-restaurant experience


Get Amazon, Uber and Starbucks rewards every time you book a restaurant reservation with our app. Search from over 2000 restaurants!

A Few of Our Partners

Restaurant Curation

Our team of foodies vets and selects only the best restaurants in each of our cities to ensure your brand is well represented in front of our desirable demographic.

Diner Acquisition 

Seated brings new, uncorrelated business. Fill your seats with high quality diners every time.


We are not a “one-size-fits-all” business. We’ve worked with our current restaurant partners to customize our pricing to your business size and needs to ensure you are profitable on each table booked through Seated. And as a Seated partner, you'll never pay any subscription, upfront, or hidden fees.


"The Seated platform has quickly proven to be a great way to increase reservations, but more importantly to introduce a new stream of guests to our concepts. It's great to work with a company that delivers on their promises!"

— Chef David Burke

“We love working with Seated. We're blown away by the huge new stream of high quality guests and corporate diners they've introduced to L'ADRESSE with absolutely zero impact on day-to-day operations."

— Natalia Tsyganova (Director of Operations at L'ADRESSE)

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A Few of Our Partners