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1405 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021, USA

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"Authentic Turkish recipes made with love by Chef Ibrahim Ozdemir. We aim to recreate Turkish food as it is found in Turkey, right here in the heart of New York City by combining the freshest of ingredients with recipes that have withstood the taste test of time. Each of our dishes is prepared with special care, and is of the highest quality."

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Uskudar is amazing! Their food is extremely flavorful and very authentic. I ordered the Lamb Adana which is a skewered chargrilled ground beef mixed with peppers. SOOOO delicious! Honestly even their side of rice is fantastic and flavorful. My husband ordered the salmon dish which he tremendously enjoyed!! Not sure how authentic, but I’m not well versed in Turkish seafood per se. My friends ordered the chicken Shaun and the Lamb Adana with yogurt which honestly was so different than what I expected. I expected his dish to be similar to mine, the meat, the rice, the side grilled veggies (peppers, tomatoes, onions) maybe drizzled with some yogurt, or a yogurt side to dip into. Instead, the dish looked like a shallow bowl, and the Adana was cut into smaller pieces and doused into a yogurt sauce. The point is though, my friend LOVED it! Both of them loved their dishes!! Obviously we had also ordered some appetizers, the sucuk, ezme and imam bayildi (spicy sausage, a tomato/pepper/walnut mix, and the eggplant appetizer). Everything was super tasty, and on that note, their bread is the BEST! I could literally just keep going to Uskudar to keep eating their bread!! After our meal, we ordered some Turkish black tea (a highly recommended tradition), and ordered 3 different desserts to share. My favorite is the baklava, so perfectly balanced, enough syrupy sweetness without overwhelming your taste buds (or ruining the taste of the tea). The bottom layers of the baklava are syrupy and soft, with the perfect amount of pistachios in the middle, topped with a crispy layer and another sprinkling of pistachios. I don’t think I can describe the baklava enough to make you understand just how delicious it is. The 2 other desserts was the apricot dessert (forgot the Turkish name) and the creme caramel (which is a flan but lighter, and oh so delicious). Everyone at the table loved the apricot dessert (I’m not a big apricot person so it wasn’t for me). Let’s put it this way, there was not a single dish from appetizer to entree to dessert that we didn’t love and didn’t lick the plates clean. Highly recommend going to Uskudar. You will not regret it! Oh!! Also the service is fantastic of course, and the servers and very attentive!!

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