The Black Ant

New York City

East Village


Mexican, Desserts, Cocktails



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60 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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"Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson, at some pivotal moment in his young life, had decided to focus his career on studying and cooking the cuisine of Mexico, rather than doing the gonzo journalism thing. Sort of like Rick Bayless, but with drugs. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that such an unlikely thing didn’t need to happen in order for New York to get its first gonzo Mexican restaurant, The Black Ant.

The Black Ant recently opened its doors in the East Village, and as I just alluded to, it is crazy. This is not another one of those trendy New York Mexican joints that survives off feeding guacamole and mediocre tacos to people who think Patrón is good. This is a real restaurant with a real chef who is doing really incredible things with his menu, and often those things are quite... progressive. Like dusting shrimp tacos with a grasshopper crust. Or like serving duck dumplings in a mole sauce that tastes like hot Mexican chocolate. Did you show up because you’re craving an enchilada? This one has rabbit in it. Hungry for some tacos? Your choices are grasshopper, cod cheeks, or shrimp with more grasshopper.

Ultimately, the most impressive part of The Black Ant isn’t that the food is unfamiliar, it’s that the food is so damn good. Michelin Guide Restaurant + featured in the New Yorker."

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Delicious food and drinks. We started with a round of bottomless margaritas and the black ant guuacamole. Both were outstanding. The guacamole was very fresh and was perfect to start. The margaritas were also tasty, not too sweet. All of our brunch entrees were very good. We had chicken enchiladas and duck rancheros. After finishing our meal, the waitress told us we had 5 minutes left on the bottomless deal and suggested we all try the smoky margarita. I am so glad we did, it was a great end to a great brunch. This place is great for a casual brunch with friends who are looking for less typical Mexican inspired brunch dishes.



We were a party of 4 and had an early brunch. Service was very good. The spicy jalapeño Margarita was delicious, they also offer 90 minutes bottomless booze brunch for $25. As soon as seated, we received free salsa and chips. The duck ranchero was full of meat and the French toast with manchego cheese is to die for!!!



Trendy place but our waiter continuously tried to sell us the most expensive items. Drinks were tiny. Food quality was very high and bathrooms were clean.

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