Taverna Plaka


Midtown Atlanta


Greek, Italian, Seafood



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2196 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

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"Taverna Plaka, Neighborhood of the Gods
“Taverna” is the Greek word for tavern…. not just a restaurant or a bar, but BOTH – with entertainment, dancing and music! How should you act at a Taverna? Well, generally you gather with friends and family at Taverna Plaka to eat, drink, converse, laugh, dance and party! So, have fun, enjoy and share your plate with a friend.

What is Plaka? It is Athens’ oldest and most colorful neighborhood. It is at the heart of the city and as you walk down its stone-paved, narrow streets, you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time – experiencing first-hand the history of Athens and its people."

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We made a pretty late reservation, but the restaurant was still lively well past 11pm. The service and food were exceptional, and we'll definitely be returning.



Taverna Plaka might be my new favorite place in Atlanta. The wait staff is SO friendly and wants to give the authentic Greek experience. I really like the flaming cheese (they light it on fire at the table!), but everything is great. I love the tahini and hummus, too. (Oh, and they gave us a free shot of ouzo to finish our meal, which was very welcome!)



The atmosphere of Taverna Plaka is very cute! My friend and I originally wanted to sit on the patio, but the seats and tables were covered in ants. Paranoia got the best of us and we moved indoors. It was fairly empty on a Monday night so we had the indoor side of the restaurant to ourselves. The waiter raved about the YiaYia Chicken so we both ordered the same item. It was delicious!! :) The chicken was nice and crispy on the outside and stuffed with a creamy spinach filling. The green beans and potatoes were nice compliments to the dish. We highly recommend this item! We would love to go again and try some of the other items next time.

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