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2 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111, USA

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"A traditional Korean restaurant with a touch of Japanese sushi and infused with western flavors.

Suishaya, located in Boston's Chinatown District, is the latest restaurant to join the KLW Hospitality Team. On the menu, you will find many traditional local dishes such as Bibimbap (rice with seasoned vegetables), Kalbi (angus short ribs), an assortment of Tang (Soups) and assorted Japanese Sushi and Makimonos.

What makes Suishaya one of a kind and unique is the atmosphere. The entire restaurant is professionally lit with LEDs and other high-tech lighting. Suishaya also has a large sound system and karaoke machine. Customers are encouraged to choose their own songs and enjoy the music videos as if they are in their own private function room.

Suishaya Restaurant is definitely a unique concept where entertainment, traditional food and the latest technology combine into one!"

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It offers something unique in Chinatown. They definitely do Korean well. I had daboki and the bulgogi with a pot of sake. The daboki was the perfect amount of spice where it wasn’t too spicy but I definitely needed water after a few bites. The bulgogi was really tender and flavorful. It came out in a clay pot and was nice and hot. The wait staff was friendly and really patient when our party was indecisive. It’s one of few Korean options in Chinatown and I would definitely recommend it if you’re craving Korean.



Suishaya is a Korean/Japanese restaurant with a Chinese staff. There was no wait on Saturday for lunch when we wait, and the food arrived quickly. We started the meal off with free complimentary side dishes: kimchi, bean sprouts, and soybeans. Afterward, we ordered the beef bulgogi and the spicy pork stir-fried noodles. Both came on sizzling platters, with a side of rice for the bulgogi. The food was delicious but a little bit on the greasy side. The noodles could have also used more spicy pork.

Overall, the restaurant appeared clean and service was decent. The food is relatively more expensive compared to other restaurants in the Chinatown area, but there aren’t that many other options there for Korean food.

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