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1506 South St Philadelphia, PA 19146

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"The idea behind So Crêpe is simple: demonstrate that affordable food served fast doesn’t have to be a "fast-food" experience, even with the French touch! Our goal is to use simple yet high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking methods, a distinctive interior design and have friendly people to take care of customers—features that are more frequently found in the world of fine dining.

​Quality ingredients (we ban high fructose corn syrup) are the key words for a true eating experience. Lyon, our home town is the world capital of gastronomy. We’ve been raised at a time (no, we’re not old!) where we took the time to eat and cook basic, natural, healthy ingredients. Therefore, we truly believe that good food starts with higher quality basic raw ingredients. Our cooking techniques along with traditional recipes can transform the most basic ingredients (eggs, flour, milk, cream, …) into a real new eating experience accessible at reasonable prices.
We are proud of our recipes and the way we prepare food. That’s why everything is made on premises. See you soon at So Crêpe!"

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It was delicious! I recommend getting a savory crepe each and sharing a sweet one for dessert! There’s one with Nutella and peanut butter. Heaven



I spent some time living in Paris, where I ate a LOT of crepes, and these crepes we're very good even next to the real deal! Just the affordable French fix I was looking for. I had the cocotte savory crepe (chicken and creamy Dijon mustard sauce) and the Washington sweet crepe (baked apples, caramel sauce, and french vanilla ice cream). I was so stuffed at the end of the meal; these crepes are very filling! The ambience was great here - casual french cafe vibe with appropriately French music in the background. The server was extremely pleasant and attentive, too. I will definitely be back here!



The crepes were a great size, and tasted wonderful. I loved everything and my kids especially enjoyed the house whipped cream. Oh and to my surprise it was a very child friendly place while still being gourmet. I will definitely be coming back🤗

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