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157 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

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"SakaMai was conceived by childhood friends, Natalie Graham and Tanner Fahl. As Hawaii-born Japanese - Americans, they're happy to present the amazing cuisine they grew up with in an approachable context."

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Ordered the dry aged duck breast, charred broccolini, egg on egg on egg, uni and bone marrow mazeman, negi toro maki, and the chicken karage. The egg on egg on egg is signature, but I felt like it was the least impressive dish. The broccolini was charred perfectly. The negi toro maki was surprisingly good - larger pieces of tuna relative to the usual tuna maki rolls. The uni and bone marrow mazeman was very rich and flavorful - a bit heavy due to the nature of the ingredients but the noodles were cooked to perfection and I would order it again. The chicken karage and dry aged duck breast stole the show for me however - both were extremely tender, perfectly cooked, and unbelievably juicy and delicious with their respective dipping sauces. 5/5 with the only moderate disappointment being the egg on egg on egg.



Great find in LES. Small plates are great for sharing with friends. Staff was super accommodating. Sushi & sashimi was very fresh. Be sure to try the "eggs on eggs on eggs" it's phenomenal.



Over the course of the last few years, I've easily been here over 10 times and have had a great experience every time. I have had friends who feel differently but it's all about what you order here.

What made this place famous is of course the egg on egg on egg. They were one of the original ones to do it along with Dieci (no longer around) and now everyone has a version of it. The bonemarrow and uni mazemen are two of my of my go to's along with the bonein strip. I've also enjoyed the wagyu uni handroll and rice pots in previous visits.

I would suggest to not order the tasting menu and not order sushi here. While it's fine, that's not what you're coming here for. If you want sushi, there's plenty better places who are dedicated to sushi. You're here for the meat and amazing cocktails. Speak of which, get the smoke in your eyes if you enjoy whiskey.

All is good but the newest draw to the place is of course the A5 wagyu katsu Sandi. Essentially, is a battered and deep fried piece of wagyu steak that is made into a sandwich. It's both crunchy and melty inside. They're limited to a few a day so go early.

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