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1 6th St Charlestown, MA 02129

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Experience New American Plates in casual comfort. Situated in Charlestown's historical Navy Yard, the Navy Yard Bistro and Wine Bar offers an open kitchen atmosphere, a cozy and relaxing bar, indoor and outdoor dining, fine and innovative cuisine, and superior imported wines and beers."

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Food was great, servers were very nice. The dining room is small and cozy, there was a fire which was perfect for a snowy night on the water. Does not have an extensive drink list.



the ambience and organization of the restaurant layout was excellent, while the restaurant was crowded (where our original table was located, they were able to offer us a table in the other half of the restaurant which was considerably less noisy. Although my family and I would have liked a little more lighting, the single candle on the table did provide a more relaxed atmosphere, especially considering the back room was meant to be quieter (as opposed to the main room which had more light).
The prices were a successful reflection of the quality of the food as well as the unusual menu selection. While one would expect various cuts of meat (their menu included a steak frites and ribeye in the $20-30 range), I was pleasantly surprised with a choice of butternut squash ravioli as well as a crispy duckling. I went with a group of 5 so I was able to observe and taste what Id imagine are the more popular dishes, I myself ordered the duckling hoping I would find a anything remotely connected to the delicious duck confit sandwich I had recently inhaled in Borough market (London) and I must say the first leg tasted was heavenly. However as i continued through the enormous serving of duckling, there was an unfortunate dryness that persisted through my meal. However this doesnt take away from the fact that if given the option i would wholeheartedly return to experience the best duckling I have had so far in the US. I was very glad to have chosen that as opposed to a steak and hope to return for the ravioli as well.
To conclude, the staff was very polite and werent afraid of quick and tasteful conversation, the bar alone is a great place to grab a drink and while i was expecting a little bit more naval decoration in a restaurant called Navy Yard Bistro, I believe 5 stars is an adequate representation of the fun I had

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