Le Coq Rico

New York City



French, Upscale, Cocktails



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30 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

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Le Coq Rico (“The Bistro of Beautiful Birds”), provides you with a dose of delicious french poultry. This chic and attractive bistro/bar has a large space with an intimate and private vibe. Unlike the traditional French restaurant, Le Coq Rico goes a la carte. Be sure you bring a couple of friends so that you can give all of their whole chicken dishes a try. Their plating and presentation of food is creatively unique for all of the foodies out there who need to get a snap of the dish.

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Great lunch deals starting at $16, the duck confit and coq au vin tastes as good as the ones in Paris. The portions are pretty big too so if you’re not a big eater, I would suggest getting an appetizer and a main to share.



We got the restaurant week set menu. Food was also delicious, and left the three course very satisfied and full. Also, as a warning - the terrine appetiser contains innards (something I didn't know until I ate it). Generally I don't like innards, but this one was prepared in a way that I could stomach it. As another note, the mango passionfruit sorbet is extremely sour, especially in contrast to their other fluffy vanilla dessert. If you prefer something sweet definitely go for the other sorbets or the vanilla dessert (which was delicious and fluffy).

The vibe was classy and modern, not stuffy. The owner of the restaurant himself was out there talking to customers, taking orders and bringing out food and clearing plates. He was extremely nice, explained each dish as he brought it out. Overall, service was very attentive.



We ordered the artichoke and liver appetizers, signature chicken, and vegetable side. Drinks are very overpriced, but the food was delicious.

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