Lasagna Restaurant

New York City



Italian, Authentic, Pasta



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196 8th Ave New York, NY 10011

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"Our first location opened in 1993. Soon after opening we earned a solid reputation for our great food and great service, always at a great price!

We take pride in our management and friendly staff. Our homemade delicious food includes our speciality of 17 different lasagnas baked to order, veal, chicken, fish dishes and pastas of many nations.

We also have a full service of wine, beer and liquor bar for our customers to enjoy."

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The food was delicious. It was also very decently priced! Not the most hip spot, but really good if you want to have an actual conversation with someone! They have almost every wine for $10. I would recommend the gnocchi.



Lasagna restaurant was an oasis in the middle of the city. Extremely affordable, and so much food for what you're paying- I will be coming back soon.



Really enjoyed the evening there! It wasn't too busy which was actually really nice because I didn't feel rushed or that I had to be out at a certain time. The service was great, on top of making sure we got everything we needed. I ordered baked ziti which was delicious and my date ordered penne alla vodka, which had a little kick to it.

We did happen to spot a cockroach (rather big) on the ground but the server came right over and took care of it. It was a really nice night so the windows and door were opened so I would say it was an "NYC thing" as opposed to a reflection on the restaurant.

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