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820 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA

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"Are you hungry in New York? Welcome to Inti NYC Restaurant, where you can find great Latin food."

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Absolutely loved Inti!

Appetizer: Yuca frita a la Huancaina

Yuca was fried perfectly crispy and the huancaina sauce was creamy and the right amount of spice. Think of how cheese sauce should taste like and that is what you get. Great way to start the meal.

Plate 1: Bistec a la pobre (steak served with fries, sweet plantains, fried egg, and rice)

Great portion size and great flavor. We were not asked how we wanted the steak cooked and received well-done and was a bit tough. The egg was over fried so no runny yolk which would have helped. Seasoning was delicious just sub-par execution. Would order again but be specific on how I want it cooked.

Plate 2: Lomo Saltado (Sautéed strips of beef with onions and tomatoes with soy sauce and green onions served with fries and rice)

This was perfect. The strips of beef were perfectly seared and the sauce was amazing which I soaked up with the fries and the rice. If you want a no hassle straight to the point excellent dish then order this and you will not be disappointed.

Dessert: Picarrones (Fresh doughnut made with squash and sweet potatoes topped with homemade syrup)

Stop what you are doing and run to get these fresh doughnuts. Beautifully executed doughnut and very fresh taste and you the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes. The description does not do it justice.

Drink: Maracuya Sour (Pisco, passion fruit juice, egg whites)

Great fresh and tangy drink! Well balanced and perfect compliment to the meal.

Service was five star quick, informative, and attentive.

Prices were very reasonable and won’t scare anyone away. I like the variety of options on the menu and the background music was a nice touch.

Will return frequently!



Got to introduce someone to Ceviche for the first time! And we ate some grilled steak and rotisserie chicken. Along with some really good tempranillo from Spain. Overall it was a refreshing and enjoyable lunch. A good introduction to Peruvian cuisine

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