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4705 Inker St Houston, TX 77007

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"The story of G&F began with a sincere love of food and a burning passion to share it with friends. The owner, Mary Li, has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. Within those years, Mary has had the privilege of meeting many friends while gaining prominent rapport among the Houston dining industry. Having taken many friends to go eat authentic Chinese food that are outside of the main Houston area, Mary slowly saw a void within the Houston dining experience that begged to be filled.

Among the delicious selection of restaurants available in one of the nation’s top food cities, it is our goal to acquaint Houston with food that will capture the authenticity of Chinese cuisine, predominantly influenced by Hong Kong and the Canton province. With the help of many qualified professionals, Ginger & Fork will give customers a genuine taste of the Chinese culture without lacking originality.

The second half of G&F’s concept emphasizes the distinctiveness of the restaurant using Mary’s key expertise and experience. After taking many of her friends to eat delicious food in Chinatown, the most common feedback that Mary received was that “it would be nice to enjoy this delicious Chinese food with a good drink.” Taking this into consideration, Mary has traveled to the best bars around the world in order to learn how to create the most exceptional cocktails so that Ginger & Fork patrons will be able to enjoy delicious Chinese food with more-than-just-good drinks."

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My party was comprised of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The service was impeccable. Our server gave great recommendations and was very attentive. The owner was also very welcoming and enthusiastic. We were celebrating a birthday and they made it special.

We ordered 7-8 different dishes and the consensus was that the food was great. We also ordered drinks, and they were made really well. I highly recommend this place.



The food and vibes were AMAZING. They had a guest bartender from New York, world renowned, and my mind was blown. I returned the next day and yeah, the food was still that good.
Friendly owners lend to a friendly respectful crowd. What a gem this place is. Authentic organic food and craft drinks and fun events to be had.



Gorgeous place hidden away in an average looking building in an average looking neighborhood. Restaurant has a cozy yet modern feel. We sat outside and it was great, nicely lit and serene. Service was super fast and all the staff really go above and beyond to cater to you. Pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I highly recommend the stir fried lamb dish!

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