Distilled NY

New York City



American, Cocktails, Contemporary



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211 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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"We’re a New American Public House serving redefined regional dishes and cocktails within an approachable communal setting.

Historically, Public Houses have served as the social anchors of towns and neighborhoods for centuries in America and throughout Europe. Not only was the local Public House a place to enjoy modest eats and drink hearty stouts and spirits, it was also a central locale in the community for socializing, political debate, and commerce. All were together. All were welcome.

And today, we welcome you to Distilled NY."

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Great atmosphere. Family friendly for dinner. Food was great but small portions. Everything we tried was very flavorful. Service could be a little better. Try the smoked duck!



Wings + fried duck / waffle. Both were perfectly cooked! Crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. Service was attentive and faster than expected. Love the free popcorn to nosh on when you first sit down



Our timr at Distilled was absolutely delightful! My guest and I felt as of we struck the lottery. The chef was offering a $25 tasting menu where we could “eat until we were full”. We ended up each having 4 courses plus a dessert course. With drinks our tab came to $74 (minus tip). We were blown away by the creativeness of the chef. We had everything from pumpkin veloute, shrimp cakes, cauliflower steak, and duck. Our meal concluded with lavender coconut panna cotta. I would not have tried Distilled unless it was for Seated. Now, I hope to go back.

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