Circles Thai


Northern Liberties


Thai, Asian Fusion, Vegetarian



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812 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA

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"Circles Thai was founded in 2008, when Le Cordon Blue-trained Alex Boonphaya and his family purchased a Chinese takeout business deep in the heart of South Philadelphia at 15th and Tasker Streets. They christened the new restaurant Plan-Eat-Thai, a Thai takeout and delivery concept devoted to exposing Philadelphia to the wide variety of authentic Thai dishes.

The cuisine resonated with South Philadelphians, and Plan-Eat-Thai quickly gained success. Plan-Eat-Thai became Circles Thai in 2009 and the menu grew to include more progressive Thai dishes blended with other Asian flavors inspired by the chef’s visits to the East. Word of Circles Thai’s well-balanced Asian fusion conceptual dishes began to spread further than South Philadelphia."

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The service was amazing - was my first time there and the staff explained everything in detail. The food was equally as tasty - when ordering the staff explained that everything on the menu could be change in terms of the spice levels (mild, medium, hot, and Thai hot) as well as the ability to have any dish vegan or vegetarian. Overall the service, quality of food, and the fact that it’s a BYOB will have me coming back!



This place was great! The restaurant has a very unassuming outside, which I’m sure is one of the reasons it was quite empty when my girlfriend and I went. The inside in fairly large, and has the look and feel of a high class east-Asian dining establishment. As we ordered, the waitress (very friendly and helpful) explained to us that the restaurant had recently undergone some changes in the kitchen. I had once ordered food from here through Grub Hub, and it was only ok, so I thought I knew what to expect. We ordered summer rolls with shrimp as a starter (you get two large rolls, each cut in half for only $7, including adding the shrimp!). I got the duck pad Thai and my girlfriend got the crab pad Thai. You can select your desired level of spice, from mild to Thai hot. We both planned on ordering hot, but our waitress explained talked us down to medium. We both really love spicy food, so we felt this was a bit odd, but the medium was truly spicy! The duck in the pad Thai was a bit over cooked, but still good. The pas Thai itself was awesome! The crab in my girlfriends pad Thai was great and plentiful. When I go again, I’ll probably either get the crab pad Thai or try a confetti different dish. Definitely worth the trip, a delicious meal at a very reasonable price. Don’t let the unassuming outside turn you away!

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