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11 Beacon St Boston, MA 02108

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"Quantly situated in Beacon Hill, barely a stones throw from the State House, where ragtime and jazz pipe through the speakers into three classy but comfortable dining spaces as distinct in décor as they are in their names. Learn about Carrie Nation’s outrageous efforts to rid America of liquor while indulging yourself, quite smugly, in a selection of era inspired concoctions.

At Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail Club, you can choose from a sprawling selection of food menus, crafted to complement the spirit of the atmosphere and a meticulously poured cocktail. And though the main dining spaces are charming and inviting, slip along the bar to a corridor just beyond, making your way to the red velvet curtain and get ready to get raided. Make sure to have a twenty spot, secret handshake or password and find yourself in Boston’s Original Speakeasy. An elegant, windowless lounge with plush leather seating, dark polished wood, billiards and a full bar, the Speakeasy makes for a relaxed and saucy scene for locals and tourists alike and worthy of the namesakes hatchet wielding notice."

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Good drinks. Cool vibe. They have like a speakeasy in back with pool table. I didn't get to try the food but it did look good! I'd recommend the cocktails with egg white in them.



A wonderful dining experience. The service was great, food and drinks done exquisitely and fair prices (though the entree section seemed a little over priced, even for Boston as a hotel attached restaurant.) My friends and I have been meaning to try this place out. The scallop starter was beautiful with fresh grapefruit, I would suggest to the chef to take the time to segment the fruit out as opposed to slicing. Grapefruit is sweet bitter and the white pith adds texture and extra bitterness to the dish that is not needed. Just a suggestion that could take an otherwise great starter to something spectacular and raves about. I also ordered the Burger, normally I don’t order a burger when going out, because let’s face it, cooks have struggled with preparing desires internal temp forever. The cook that prepared the the burger this evening was spot on! The burger was layered appropriately with the bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. A top contender for one of Boston’s best Burgers in my eyes. Overall the vibe in the restaurant is something I was not expecting, but very happy with. Bar crowd had bartenders that were engaging and skilled. The dining room had an elegant feel to it, something that you could pair fine dining and a fun trendy staff with. Fine dining that is fun and not too structured. The decor was one area that could use a little sprucing up to match the read of the vibe in the restaurant. Perhaps I am just impartial to red velvet...but there are better ways to decorate rather then put up huge bright red velvet curtains. To anyone looking to give Carrie Nation a try, I encourage you to not go with your gut, I am pretty sure your mind, body and soul will benefit from dining there.

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