Calle Ocho

New York City

Upper West Side


Latin American, Cocktails, Cuban



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45 W 81st St, New York, NY 10024

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"Calle Ocho is an Upper West Side mainstay serving up distinguished, exciting Latin fare and is known for its creative, bold use of flavors, unique cocktail list and bustling atmosphere"

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Calle Ocho is a great spot for those who love Cuban food. The location is inside of a hotel so be mindful of that. When you enter the lobby, make a right after the stairs and the entrance is right there. In terms of decor, the space is really nice, the bathrooms are really clean and the chairs are super comfortable. The staff is pretty friendly as well, always around to fill up your water and ask if you need anything. The Yuca fries are good, but I've had better at other establishments. However, their arroz con pollo is great, and their steak is pretty good as well, really juicy and not dried out. My only gripe is the matter of them rushing us to order desserts and bringing us the check before the food is even done. I always feel as though if you take reservations at a certain time, there should be an expectation of people being there a bit later. That being said, the entire experience was pleasurable and I want to try their brunch next time.

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