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1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Southern flare and flavor is the highlight of Bidwell, located in Union Market. With a carefully curated wine and cocktail list, Bidwell prides itself on offering diners dishes that are responsibly sourced and of the highest quality. There is even a rooftop garden which the restaurant uses for a variety of their ingredients.

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My experience at Bidwell was pretty good. My guest and I were quickly seated as expected. It was a Sunday evening, so I was not anticipating a huge crowd and the Union Market appeared to have closed. Upon being seated we were quickly greeted by our Waitress (forgive me her name slips me). She was nothing short of amazing. I had done my due diligence over the menu prior to arriving, so I kind of knew what I wanted initially, so I gave the cocktail menu a glance. I decided on the "Capital Smash" which was a Bourbon based drink and my guest decided on the "Little House on the Prairie" which was vodka based. I thoroughly enjoyed my drink, it had the perfect mix of Bourbon and mint. Definitely a staple! However, I tried my guests' drink and it was disgusting. I prompted her to send it back, but she insisted on drinking it. I'm like whatevs, whatever suits you. I decided on doing the Roasted Oysters as an appetizer. Not a bad decision they were really good and I love the fact they could make it without bacon. Entrée wise we both decided on the "Homemade Fettuccine & Rock Shrimp". The dish was very "lackluster." It was most certainly a nice size portion, but I felt like it was overbearing with vegetables (which isn't an issue), but I wish the vegetable and pasta balance was a little more noticeable. Also, it lacked seasoning. Most certainly not my favorite, but after adding a little salt and pepper it was delicious. If/when I return I believe I would try the "Gin & Tonic" Verlasso Salmon.



Great service, amazing food, cool ambiance- what’s not to love?! We had the best experience here. I had a gluten-free pizza and gluten-free Mac and cheese. Both were delicious! I will definitely return!



Wowee this place was amazing! Bidwell is right inside of Union Market. They have a ton of specialty cocktails, my favorite being the gingerly rosemary. This place is perfect for anyone as they offer yummy pizzas, or can you opt for something a bit more creative. They have intricate pasta dishes with vegetables that they grow on their rooftop. The rock shrimp pasta is unbelievably amazing and the braised short rib is probably the best I've had. I can't stop dreaming over my meal at Bidwell and can't wait to come back!

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