Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine




Malaysian, Indian, Thai



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1009 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

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"Located in Philadelphia's Chinatown, Banana Leaf has strived to serve you the best in Malaysian Cuisine since 2006. Our menu is a combination of the best of Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, and Thai flavors."

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I’ve heard so many good things about Banana leaf and decided to try it. The restaurant was pretty cool, I kinda feel like I was outside but inside. The food was really tasty, we ordered the banana lead Satay mix chicken and beef. They were skewers we received three beef and two chicken skewers with the peanut butter sauce. Alone the peanut butter sauce was OK wasn’t amazing but when dipping the meat with the peanut butter sauce it was amazing flavorful and really work well. It was so good we ordered another order. For the main course we had the deep friend strip bass, pineapple fried rice and two orders of the roti app. The bass was so crispy even with the sauce on top of it. Every bite had a satisfying crunch to it and kick of flavor from the sauce. The pineapple fried rice was good but it wasn’t amazing. It was a bit light on flavor but looked amazing! Oh and I almost forgot, we ordered the shrimp puff which were bacon wrapped shrimp. They were out of this world good! The service was quick and the food came out quickly and hot! I will be back, I clearly see why so many of my friends recommended this restaurant!



Loved it so much that I went in two days in a row. Everything is so flavorful and aromatic. I especially love the roti canai. Great place. Also, it is Byob!



Tasty and inexpensive but the waitress made my boyfriend change his dish cause she told him that he wouldn’t like it lol and then hey didn’t bring out his side

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