99 Favor Taste - East Village

New York City

East Village


Hot Pot, Barbeque, Asian Fusion



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37 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA

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"9 Favor Taste is a all-you-can-eat hotpot and bbq restaurant in NYC. We offer 6 choices of hot pot broths, which serve as perfect soup bases for 31 different kinds of fresh vegetable and meat. 99 Favor Taste is a place that can bring you great fulfillment and endless enjoy."

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The restaurant is a true gem in the East Village. The value for what you get is unheard of in New York city. I like that they offer many bases of a broth and how their food is very fresh. Their vegetable platters are very proportionate to the amount of people at the table. I would definitely Bring my friends to the restaurant on cold winter nights.



If you’re a true fan of hotpot, don’t pass up this place. They have a variety of broths and food selections, which includes a limited choice of seafood. I recommend the spicy soup base if you’re a spicy lover. We ordered plates on plates of different meats and vegetables which all were fresh and neatly prepared. They do serve house red and white wines plus different bottle beers (e.g. Corona which was what we ordered, Bud Light, etc) at an inexpensive price. The service was great and the waiters and waitresses were all attentive and helpful.



This is the best hotpot/BBQ place I been to in New York City. The waiters are very friendly and the wait time is not too long. They even serve tea while u wait to be seated. The quality and quantity of the food is definitely the best one yet. I been there for my friend's bday, the waiters are happy and hype up the moment, it feels like you have the best moment of your life.

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