26 Thai Kitchen & Bar


Midtown Atlanta


Thai, Modern, Cocktails



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541 Main St NE f170, Atlanta, GA 30324

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"Customers can expect fresh, delicious, and authentic Thai food made from scratch, and utilizing only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. We love every dish on our menu! You can expect exceptional service from our staff; all of us are well-trained and extremely knowledgeable about the food that we serve. We offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including domestic and Asian beers as well as hand crafted classic and Asian fusion cocktails. In addition, we stock a premium selection of wine. Our seasoned chefs, with years of experience cooking at 5-star Hotels across Thailand, expertly marry culinary sophistication and rustic charm to provide a culinary experience that is truly unforgettable. You won’t have to go to all the way to Thailand to indulge in authentic Thai cuisine. Let us be a part of your finest dining experience."

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The quality of food here is great. They have many of the Thai favorites you'll like, from Pad Woon Sen to Prik Khing. I have found that the ingredients they use are of high quality, and the lunch prices to be affordable. The atmosphere and the interior design is very well done, and they will validate your parking ticket as well. A must check in the Lindbergh area!

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